S6 workshop March 2015


Get yourself ready and inspired for the 2015 wedding season, by joining myself and Sam Docker for the final workshop of 2015.

wedding photography workshop Behind the scene’s photo credit The Willinghams. Snowstorm probably not included…   It takes place on Sunday 22nd March at S6 HQ in the hills of Sheffield surrounded by stunning scenery for a live shoot. Seats are £350 and the workshop will be from 12-8pm and we will teach you everything we know about the below and more. To book a seat with a 50% deposit, please email info@s6photography.co.uk – Meeting couples and making that work. The things I do to find the right couples, making word of mouth work, what works for marketing and what I did in the early days. – A talk from Sam Docker – Live shoot somewhere awesome in the hills, with a real couple, and both S6 and Sam Docker teaching posing, technical, and everything you need to know to make stunning portraits – My love for golden hour, how to shoot it right, how to make portraits which stand out, shooting for processing. – A talk from Kelly at Boho weddings about getting featured on blogs – Developing a style, confidence, what I look for in a location for a shoot. – How I work on a wedding day – A look through 30 photos from 2014, the thought process in making them, the technical settings and talking through the RAW through to the end result – Workflow, lightroom skills, live processing of the days shoot. Everything I know about Lightroom will be taught in this session – SEO, what works what doesn’t Food and refreshments will be provided throughout the day.  
Some words from attendee’s at the last workshop
  “Thanks so much for yesterday, I really enjoyed it and learnt a lot.You guys have really had an impact on how I’m thinking about editing, a lot faster at the moment.” – 1837 Photography “Thank you so much for yesterday. All the advice was just incredible. I will be taking so much away from this. The way you described wanting your portraits to look like a film still is something I have always wanted and aspired to. I feel more confident on how to give myself the best change of doing this now. I just need to find my own stamp on it now ” – Craig Rodgers “I hope you have had a chance to rest from the weekend madness and thank you again for a great workshop! I will definitely recommend it to others, you cover a lot of material, managed to do 3 different shoots and fed everyone too :o!! Serious multitasking. I got lots of ideas to take forward” – Eneka Stewart “It was a great course, I learned a lot and I’m currently raving about it on a group I admin. Hopefully next time you run one the spaces will go even quicker.” – Chris Giles “You can be hugely proud of what you did on Saturday, we found it a great workshop which we took some real gems away from” – O&C Photography Read Mylo Photography’s review here  
Some photos from the last workshop
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