A Fulham Palace winter wedding

I joined Polly and Ben in London for their December winter wedding at Fulham Palace. It was dark with a 5.30pm ceremony, but I like a challenge and it’s good to shoot using some different techniques to those typically used during summer months. It was great fun and their friends provided a crazy dance floor! And thanks to Nina and Stu for allowing me the luxury of camping at their house post-wedding. This is my last post of the year, but I’ll be back early 2015 with loads to blog still from my 2014 weddings. Thanks so much for looking this year and have a great festive period folks. Polly and Ben – sparkler exit at wedding You can see more of my work and get in touch via www.s6photography.co.uk amazing bridesmaid dresses New York time clock winter wedding003 sequin bridesmaid dress winter wedding jewellery winter wedding006 New York bride black and white wedding photography winter wedding009 winter wedding010 winter wedding011 winter wedding012 London taxi for wedding inside Fulham Palace winter wedding015 winter wedding016 Polly and Ben winter wedding018 winter wedding019 winter wedding020 black and white winter wedding winter wedding022 London wedding singer London wedding stationary winter wedding025 weddings in winter in London winter wedding027 winter wedding028 winter wedding029 winter wedding030 winter wedding031 winter wedding032 winter wedding033 winter wedding034 London bridesmaid dresses weddings in winter Fulham Palace wedding photographer winter wedding038 winter wedding039 winter wedding040 winter wedding041 winter wedding042 winter wedding043 Christmas wedding ideas winter wedding photographer Fulham palace marquee winter wedding047 father of the bride speech winter wedding049 winter wedding050 winter wedding051 winter wedding052 winter wedding053 winter wedding054 winter wedding055 Groom speech winter wedding057 winter wedding058 winter wedding059 wedding laughter winter wedding061 wedding speeches winter wedding063 first dance London weddings winter wedding066 winter wedding067 winter wedding068 winter wedding069 winter wedding070 wedding dance floor winter wedding072 winter wedding073 winter wedding074 winter wedding075 winter wedding076 winter wedding077 winter wedding078 black and white photography wedding photographer wedding dancing winter wedding082 winter wedding083 winter wedding084 winter wedding085 large wedding letters winter wedding087 winter wedding088 winter wedding089 winter wedding090 winter wedding091 winter wedding092 winter wedding093 winter wedding094 winter wedding095 winter wedding096 winter wedding097 winter wedding098 winter wedding099 winter wedding100 winter wedding101 winter wedding102 winter wedding103 winter wedding104 sparkler exit at wedding weddings in December

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