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S6 wedding photography workshop

I’ve been teaching workshops since 2011 but I decided to totally rewrite my teaching material for 2016, and in February I delivered the first workshop with the new material.

S6 workshop in Sheffield

Earlier this month I held a workshop in Sheffield with my buddy Sam Docker, and it was another workshop full house with 15 photographers from all over the UK. I want to thank everyone who travelled and attended the workshop, Kate Beaumont and James for modelling, along with Kelly and Paul. The amazing Sheffield florist […]

S6 workshop March 2015

  Get yourself ready and inspired for the 2015 wedding season, by joining myself and Sam Docker for the final workshop of 2015. Behind the scene’s photo credit The Willinghams. Snowstorm probably not included…   It takes place on Sunday 22nd March at S6 HQ in the hills of Sheffield surrounded by stunning scenery for […]
S6 workshop

The Golden Hour workshop

New workshop announcement! Sunday 29th June at S6 HQ in Sheffield, I’m planning a very small group workshop (4 people max). Themed around shooting in Golden hour, I’ll be covering all aspects on how I run my wedding business, from theory through to workflow, with food and drinks in between. We’ll be going on a […]