UK and destination wedding photography 2013

I’m pretty rubbish with words, I think that’s why I like pictures so much. In 2013 we moved home, a place in the middle of nowhere, with a dis-used pig shed which I now call S6 HQ. In our home we have a picture from our wedding day large on the wall, I get to look at it every day for the rest of my life. Nicola looks beautiful and when there are tougher times in life, its a reminder of the good times, its a piece of art and its the picture which makes me smile. From a wedding photography perspective, that one piece of art on the wall makes everything worth it for me. This year I had the incredible privilege of watching 116 people marry the person they love, at 58 weddings in 8 countries and of course in my home city of Sheffield. This post is a collection of 365 photos from the year, each may not be perfect, but in some way each of them makes me smile or has something about it which I like. I hope some of these are on a wall somewhere, being that daily reminder to someone of the good times in life. Its an amazing world out there and I’m blessed to do what I love with amazing people on a weekly basis. Thank you to all those who shared 2013 with me and play their part in this post, and thanks to all of those who filled the 2014 diary before the year even began, I can’t wait to get started and see you all in the 2014 summary blog post. If anyone getting married in the future would like to get in touch, please visit my portfolio at or get in touch via FACEBOOK and TWITTER. 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You made it.

Immense work and an immense year mate – here’s to a suitably epic (in a good way) 2014 🙂

Fantastic collection man; such romantic portraiture, and love the confetti fistpumping capture! Awesome work.

Seriously stunning work Jon – you’ve been privy to some amazing moments throughout the year. Looking forward to checking out what you come up with in 2014…

Some (all!) very special photos in there Jon. Brilliant work!

What an incredible year mate. Bravo, top work as always.

Those first images are breathtaking, like a scene from Wuthering Heights! An incredible year and you’ve capture it with such emotion. Truly wonderful

Amazingly consistent gorgeous work!

Truly outstanding work Jon!

Not too shabby dude….. not too shabby at all…… 2014 will be da bomb! x

Mad skills and crazy styles… Too good bro!

An awesome collection Jon, love your portraits fella – you capture such great emotion!

big ups Jon – what a fantastic year – lookout 2014 🙂

I think you have an inbuilt light seeking radar – you always find it! This is one ridiculously epic collection of images right here.

Absolutely beautiful and inspiring images! Mega!

Great job Jon 🙂 You have had quite the year!

Jon, you are SO freaking talented, it’s ridiculous. Aaargh, these are so good, I don’t even know what to say.

Epic Jon! But I didn’t expect any less of course. Here’s to more destinations and definitely more sunsets 😉

Great to see so much fun, happiness and laughter. 🙂

Awesome year mate, insanely good work……here’s to 2014!

beautiful photographs as ever love your portraits

Thank you everyone!

Stunning Jon…simply stunning! Wishing you an equally brilliant 2014 🙂 x

Twelve months of brilliance….. and camels.

you went for it mate! absolutely incredible year. raising a rum to 2014 😉

I love you man, but you just used up my entire months bandwidth allowance with this large post….. If 2014’s best of turns out bigger, I refuse to view it…. :p

Beautiful, beautiful work Jon. True pieces of art 🙂

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Some lovely work. Good luck in 2014 🙂

Wow, what a fantastic year you guys have had! And congratulations on the move too 🙂

Amazing work Jon, such an awesome year for you. All the very best for this year 🙂

I think you’re bloody good with words! and pictures 🙂

Again, wonderful collection of images.


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