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Westminster Cathedral Wedding

Westminster Cathedral wedding

Last year I had the privilege of shooting a wedding at Westminster Cathedral in London. I think weddings there are quite rare, so it was quite something to shoot at such a historic London venue. Props to the boy Igor Demba for coming down to shooting some pictures with me. After the Cathedral ceremony, we […]

UK and destination wedding photography 2013

I’m pretty rubbish with words, I think that’s why I like pictures so much. In 2013 we moved home, a place in the middle of nowhere, with a dis-used pig shed which I now call S6 HQ. In our home we have a picture from our wedding day large on the wall, I get to […]

Sikh London wedding preview

I’ve been a wedding photographer now for 3.5 years and I’ve been waiting for the day to shoot a Sikh wedding. I give huge thanks to Karen and Ian for putting their faith in me, and also a big thanks to the boy Sachin for making it happen. This is only a preview, so I […]

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Julia & Neil’s wedding at Kensington Roof Gardens, London.