Atzaro Ibiza Wedding – Back Catalogue

The 10th image from my back catalogue of favourites, taken in Ibiza during August 2011. Even though I spent 12 years of my life djing house music in clubs and bars around the UK, I’d never actually been to Ibiza, or looked at photos of Ibiza. Before I went, I visualised in my head a shot which I thought I might be able to make on the island, a shot in a golden orange and red field. The day before the wedding I drove to have a look at the venue, and working off a map I got a little lost and took a wrong turn straight past an orangey red orchard. A happy accident. Being just a 2 minute drive from the venue, I took Laura & Tom back there after they tied the knot and we made the shot I wanted to make in Ibiza You can see more of their wedding on Style Me Pretty Ibiza wedding photographer

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