Oddfellows Chester wedding – Back catalogue

The 8th image from my back catalogue of favourites, taken in July 2011 at Gillian & Mark’s Chester wedding. I love it purely because its totally bonkers and I think its the only shot I’ve made with an element of humorous role play. When I originally posted the shot, many people couldn’t work it out. The venue (Oddfellows) is uber quirky, if you like unusual wedding photos its pretty much the place to be. As always, I tried to think of a shot which someone else probably hadn’t done at the venue. The spot lights on the floor are a give away that the table, chairs and lamp are actually fixed to the ceiling! Gillian & Mark are on the floor, I asked them to pretend they were falling and then flipped the image upside afterwards www.s6photography.co.uk – you can see more of their wedding on Rock My Wedding http://www.rockmywedding.co.uk/the-time-of-your-life/ oddfellows Chester wedding Visit the portfolio | www.s6photography.co.uk

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