The Crazy Bear wedding preview

They say you learn something everyday right? Well at this wedding I learnt that wedding dresses can actually have a name! Yes, it has taken me over 100 weddings to learn this. Anyway, here you can see Kirstie sporting a Jenny Packham dress call ‘Joy’, getting married to Oliver at the freakin crazy (cool) venue that is The Crazy Bear in Beaconsfield. This is a preview for now Jenny Packham Joy Christian Louboutin wedding shoes Weddings at the Crazy Bear Weddings at the Crazy Bear Jenny Packham wedding photos Weddings at the Crazy Bear Jenny Packham Bride Weddings at the Crazy Bear in Beaconsfield Crazy Bear wedding photos Quirky London wedding photographer Weddings at the Crazy Bear Getting married at the Crazy Bear Getting married at the Crazy Bear someone take me back here please!!


this is obscene.

You Mr Dennis are a very very clever man! And this is one amazing wedding! xxxx

Boom! shake shake shake the room…

possibly the coolest venue I have ever seen! p.s. great pics as per usual pal 😛

Wow, what an incredible venue and what a stunning bride! Amazing work as usual Mr D, certainly looks like a ‘challenging’ venue to shoot!

Thanks all! Great venue and people to be fair

Rockin dude! Flippin killer of a wedding! I wanna shoot there! x

Wow… Such a cool wedding!

Love these colors brother.

i need to see this hotel in the flesh how fantastical does it look! mouth watering – jaw dropping – uber cool!!! LOVE the photographs as usual! 🙂

Love it: spectacular wedding in every way. And is it just me, or is 2012 becoming the year of the Crazy Bear? I’m seeing them everywhere!

…wondering whether to put some kind of disclaimer on that.



next one

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