Crazy times

Its been a pretty crazy 10 days here, 5 weddings, a house move and my son Madeon’s 1st birthday! (That’s him, in this picture). Currently I have no internet, phone or 3g where we live, so bear with me on communication right now! I’m having to borrow someone’s internet just to post this. I’ll also be out of the country for lots of June at weddings abroad, so again apologies if I’m a little slow on the communication front, but rest assured I’m alive and shooting weddings, just a little cut-off from the rest of the world at the moment. When I’m back up and running there will be LOADS of pictures to share.. You can see more of my work and get in touch via vintage children's car Sheffield wedding photographers Derbyshire wedding photographer Beechenhill farm wedding destination wedding photographer Jaguar wedding car Lincolnshire wedding venues Losehill house wedding photos quirky wedding photography Ripley castle wedding Sheffield wedding photographer wedding photographer Sheffield wentworth wedding You can see more of my work and get in touch via

Lovely stuff Jon. Maybe you’re actually superman re-born.

ha-ha, totally agree with Nicola! hope you stay sane with all this stuff going on 🙂 Madeon is super cute

Love the blonde! Looks beautiful. My mom wore some of her mother’s costume jewlery at my wedding, and I wore my grandmother’s mother’s engagement ring. I also wore a bracelet that my grandmother and her best friend won in Vegas (gold with rubies). My grandmother told my “Aunt” Kathie to keep it as she wouldn’t wear it much. At my shower, my Aunt Kathie gifted it to me, so of course, I had to wear it. Bringing family jewlwery in makes it so special. Just six weeks! Enjoy it!

beautiful wedding and stunning photos… I am in love with the dresses!

Wow, Mrs Cristiane I am sure it was a happy and blessed day. I think after getting married you always think there is something you could have done differently most brides think that. I know I have before. But surely it was a blessed day. Thank you for sharing your special day with us.


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