2016 wedding photography roundup

2016 was another great year. Weddings all around the UK and Europe, many in my home county of Yorkshire. I finished it by having a winning image in the prestigious Junebug best of the best wedding photos in the world 2016. I’ve never entered any wedding photography awards before, but to me the Junebug one always seems to be the one to win, so I thought I’d have a go and I’m chuffed with the win! Below are photos from every wedding I went to. I’m blessed that I get to spend my life doing something I love. Thank you to all the couples who invite me to document their day, it’s always an honour. If you would like to have a chat about your wedding just hit the contact page worlds best wedding photographers morocco wedding peak district wedding venue best winter wedding photographers first dance sheffield wedding photographer documentary wedding photographer wedding photographer sheffield york florist bolton abbey wedding jesus piero wedding dress best uk wedding photographers west mill wedding oxford cathedral wedding best photographers bolton abbey wedding photographer reportage wedding photographers amazing wedding photos marrakech wedding black white photographer sheffield wedding venues maynard wedding leeds wedding venue tipi wedding at west mill derby saltmarshe hall wedding 1 marrakech square wedding photos wedding in morocco 1 moody wedding photos junebug wedding photographers oxford boat wedding sheffield town hall wedding chateau durantie wedding 997A7002 IMG 0133 sheffield city centre wedding 997A9569 997A0662 997A3024 ranmoor church wedding 1 997A0695 997A0932 chatsworth house wedding 997A1300 thornbridge hall wedding harrogate wedding la pause wedding 997A1072 997A1889 confetti 1 997A0549 IMG 1070 IMG 1482 IMG 6172 1 1 997A2248 997A9037 york marquee african wedding photos autumn wedding 997A2763 IMG 9634 997A2818 marrakech souk 997A0287 997A2863 harome wedding 997A3049 destination wedding photos 997A3286 african wedding 997A3672 amazing weddings 1 997A4327 beautiful wedding dress 997A4589 997A4699 997A4814 997A5235 997A5367 997A5576 997A5654 997A5671 997A5842 1 997A5905 997A6094 997A6214 997A6283 997A6734 997A6784 London wedding venue 997A6979 997A0090 997A2251 1 1 997A7217 997A7463 997A7592 997A7615 997A7642 997A7741 997A7899 997A7944 997A8020 papakata 997A2629 997A8058 Dean Sarah 0650 997A8103 997A8339 997A8509 997A8540 997A8699 997A2128 997A9028 997A9405 997A9682 IMG 7292 rutland water wedding 1 997A9831 Dean Sarah 2177 french chateau wedding IMG 0302 IMG 0349 1 ibiza wedding IMG 0412 IMG 0450 IMG 0492 1 IMG 0707 997A0570 IMG 0984 997A1812 1 1 IMG 1084 IMG 1487 IMG 1726 IMG 1803 IMG 5614 IMG 1886 IMG 2413 IMG 2476 IMG 2620 IMG 3251 2 mill wedding leeds IMG 3481 2 IMG 3588 IMG 4035 IMG 4125 IMG 4164 IMG 4186 IMG 4393 IMG 4410 IMG 4501 IMG 4550 IMG 4739 IMG 4857 IMG 0831 IMG 4939 IMG 4950 997A2765 IMG 5039 IMG 5083 IMG 5478 IMG 5563 IMG 5648 IMG 5673 IMG 5716 IMG 5722 IMG 5802 norfolk barn wedding IMG 6155 IMG 6399 IMG 6867 IMG 7070 IMG 7172 IMG 7325 IMG 7542 IMG 7786 IMG 7911 IMG 8106 IMG 8246 IMG 8365 IMG 8416 997A9090 IMG 8513 IMG 8635 IMG 8642 IMG 9136 IMG 9205 997A5823 997A6172 IMG 9518 IMG 9636 IMG 9707 IMG 9719 IMG 9723 IMG 9833 IMG 9884 IMG 9970 liver building wedding Lucy James RAW3823 997A5521 997A0465 997A0640 997A1157 997A1788 997A2081 997A2160 997A2197 997A2318 997A2640 997A2878 997A2906 997A2987 997A3095 997A3168 997A3810 997A4817 997A4875 997A5595 997A6412 997A6727 997A7314 997A7843 997A7936 997A8230 997A8295 997A8356 997A8401 997A8629 IMG 2492 997A8831 IMG 7939 997A9563 997A9671 997A9846 Dean Sarah 1614 IMG 0046 IMG 0149 IMG 0309 IMG 0347 IMG 0772 Rosemary Stephen 496 IMG 0979 IMG 1189 IMG 1318 winter wedding photos IMG 1421 IMG 1505 IMG 8734 997A9830 IMG 1697 IMG 1789 IMG 1862 IMG 3220 2 IMG 2030 IMG 2047 IMG 2049 black tie wedding IMG 2207 IMG 6249 IMG 2456 IMG 2457 IMG 2501 IMG 2796 wedding oxford cathedral IMG 3279 2 IMG 9823 IMG 3837 engagement sheffield IMG 4646 jenny packham wedding dress gay wedding photography IMG 4958 IMG 5212 IMG 5249 IMG 5318 IMG 5430 sheffield library best barns uk weddings IMG 5941 IMG 6165 IMG 7134 IMG 7389 IMG 7457 IMG 7497 IMG 0691 IMG 7520 IMG 7665 IMG 7958 IMG 8042 wedding photography saltmarshe hall IMG 8525 IMG 8886 IMG 9027 IMG 9224 IMG 9230 IMG 9260 IMG 9565 IMG 115 IMG 9580 Rosemary Stephen 638 the perch oxford wedding My gang x uk photographer

Amazing set of images Jon, what an awesome year you have had, and well done on the win, much desereved! xxx

Not bad dude! Seriously…. Good work, as always. An inspiration.

Distinctly Jon@S6 – funny – gorgeous – wonderfully busy candids and epic (in a good way…not just flashy for the sake of being flashy) portraits that are breathtaking/ peaceful and timeless. I think that deserves a BIG well done. Jx

Nailing locations, light, colour and so much more! Splendid set.

lovely vibrant stuff dude!

Do you ever have a bad year, fella? Gorgeous work.

My favourite one was a B&W of a couple in grass taller then them!! Awesome work dude!

Jonny boy! What a mega year mate! All killer no filler right there! And great to finally get to shoot together this year. Here’s to 2017!!

Just bloomin’ marvelous Jon! So many awesome moments captured exquisitely. Give yourself a big pat on the back mate!

Really good at this wedding photography thing 😉 Such an eye for a nice composition and lovely light.


next one

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