The First Look – Kate and James

Last week I had my first opportunity to photograph a first look at a wedding. For those who don’t know, its basically where the bride and groom meet prior to the ceremony to see each other for the first time. Its very popular in the US, but extremely rare in the UK. Its quite an emotional and powerful thing to be part of and I’m priveledged to have witnessed Kate and James’ first look before they walked each other down the isle. I thought long and hard about how I would do it, and I decided that I didn’t want there to be any distractions in the images, all I wanted to show was Kate and James and the emotion that would unfold. Once I decided how to frame it, I then thought how I wanted to show it. I could show 3 photos in a seperate sequence, but would that really make people feel like they were there? I decided on the spot to do this and the feedback and tweets about people feeling emotional at seeing it over the past couple of days has been quite overwhelming. Thanks to Love My Dress and all those who shared it this week. First look wedding



First looks are awesome! Be cool if more folks did it. I love the dude’s face in this, so awesome 🙂

ohh this is a new one to me.. really great idea.. loving the animated GIF image aswell 😀

That is so cool, defo one for moment junkie

This is flipping immense!

Awesome Jon! love it, stylish, cool but totally emotional 🙂

Looking forward to the full set Jon : D

Amazing! such a lovely thing to watch and you have capyured it perfectly xx

thanks all

Its all about capturing moments like that. Hats off to you Sir!

Sooo dope! I like alot. 🙂

Fantastic, Jon!! You really and truly captured this moment… 1st looks are great and I’m glad that you had a wonderful experience with your first first look. 😉 Beautiful… the couple will always cherish this.

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Just lovely – wish more couples would go for a first look

These photos are intense. I must have viewed the sequence over a hundred times and I’m sure that I’ll watch them for another hundred. At least! Absolutely awe inspiring photography.


next one

A wedding at Ringwood Hall, Derbyshire