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Wedding film add on

I’ve been thinking about wedding films for a while. Wondering whether I could make a wedding film with the same approach I take to photography. Having never shot video in my life, and with just some basic equipment added to my usual photography kit, I had a go at shooting a film alongside photos during […]
Marrakech wedding

Morocco wedding photography

This is Metsi and Djibril. Metsi got in touch after finding my work from a previous Marrakech wedding in Morocco, and told me about her dream to do her wedding photoshoot in Morocco. They were already going to marry each other the week previous, in a private traditional ceremony. Metsi is from Ethiopia and Djibril Senegal, so I knew their culturally diverse story would be fascinating.

Marrakech desert wedding

I remember when Mel first got in touch about her wedding, it was a strange time, our son had recently been born, it was the middle of wedding season and sleep was a thing of the past. At that time we were getting up maybe 3 times through the night to do feeds and on […]