Manchester Midland wedding – Back catalog

The 3rd image from my back catalogue of favourites. This was taken at a wedding in October 2011 in the centre of Manchester, UK. We went out into the city to make some night shots, as we headed back to the venue I noticed up the street was the sign ‘Manchester means the world to me’. In most instances, the place where you get married is a place that means something to you, so I thought this would make an interesting shot. I asked Gemma & Lloyd if they would mind walking on the other side of the road, it didn’t mention what I was doing. I ran up the road to frame the image as they walked past, in the process I dropped and smashed my video light! I took the shot just as they passed in the space between the words. More than anything I love the fact you can see its raining. Anyone who’s been knows it always rains in Manchester….. Manchester Midland Wedding

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