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The greatest adventure

Probably the most important collection of images from a 9 month period which I will ever post. Madeon Felix Dennis was born at 1.24am on June 2nd 2012 and a round of applause to my amazing wife for getting through it on just gas & air. 17 days later, after not much sleep, everyone is […]

American Road trip

We did this trip to tick two things off my bucket list, drive through the American desert in a Mustang, and have photos by the legend that is Jeff Newsom. It might seem nuts doing this given that Nicola is 29 weeks pregnant, but we booked this 2 days before finding out and I’m so […]
Bangkok wedding


I’m going to make it my mission this year to blog a few more personal images from travel. Last year we travelled around Thailand, a few images appeared on my blog, but so far I’ve never found the time to blog the images. Here is one looking over Bangkok at night, no tripod used, just […]
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