Hi, I'm Jon, a UK and destination wedding photographer. I live in Sheffield, South Yorkshire with my wife Nicola and 3 children. For the past 11 years I have had the honour of documenting 500+ weddings all over the world, which is kind of crazy but I love what I do. My work is regularly featured in the national press and several of my weddings have gone viral. I've talked a lot on national radio about weddings and somehow found myself sitting on the BBC Breakfast sofa talking about weddings in front of millions of people.

I find every wedding unique, and it's documenting the lives of people on a wedding day which turned me into a professional wedding photographer following a love of art and music previously. I regularly shoot weddings in my home city of Sheffield, all over South Yorkshire and anywhere from Scotland to London, to Cornwall to Australia, to New York. I will go anywhere for a wedding, so if you like what you see, and think my work suites you, just tell me where you're getting married and hopefully I can be there to document your day. I'm currently booking for weddings up to 2024


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